Golden Opportunity


The founder, Jian-Hong Chen, dedicated himself to the dream of establishing a catering corporation. However, due to a change in morality and a golden opportunity, he reconsidered his actions and ideas. His reconsiderations led him to think about how he could change the world with food.

Yangming Spring was created



Yangming Spring is righteous, bright and resolute. Spring is the first of the four seasons, the most beautiful and brightest.
On June 5th, World Environment Day, the open space of Yangming Mountain, 5,940 square meters were dedicated to create a environment that promotes nature, healthy food, and conservation. Yangming Spring was created with these principles in mind.



The Zhongxiao Branch was established on the bustling Zhongxiao East Road. The Zhongxiao Branch store was created to be an integrated, elegant, and tranquil space where one can experience creative vegetarian cuisine in a delightful tea room filled with breathtaking art.



Over the years, the founder has accumulated lots of experience promoting vegetarian cuisine. While he believes vegetarianism can nurture the body, he also believes culture can nurture the mind. Using life and art as the starting point, his goal was to incorporate tea and art culture in harmony with other elements to create the Art Exhibition Hall, the ShengHuo Auditorium, the ChaunLiu Food Court, the Ruo Shui Tea House, and the ShiShang Theater. The founder also used the following five fine arts; culinary art, tea art, natural art, literature art, and creative art to upgrade the Yangming Spring store on Yangming Mountain. The Yangming Mountain Branch was officially named the Yangming Spring Heart Five Arts Creative Park following the upgrade.



Continuing the spirit of Yangming Spring Heart Five Arts Creative Park, the company aims to add culture, art, and elegant food to the Zhongxiao Store, providing a friendly environment, a slow-paced, relaxing atmosphere, and the best experience to customers.

From restaurants to tables


Online shop launched. We offer frozen restaurant meals, making it easy to enjoy our popular dishes at home. To make vegan lifestyle more accessible, we also share veganism related information regularly on our online shop.



In January, Dongmen Store opened. Yangming Spring converts the energy accumulated in the restaurant in the past few years into a platform to bring veganism closer to life. Dongmen Store offers frozen meals, pastry, desserts, seasoning, tea leaves, and dietary supplements. In June, Zhongxiao Store closed, and in August, it reopened as Daan Store providing a brand new service. Fast-pace functional meals such as "high fiber”, “high protein" are launched, and eco-friendly retail products are also available. Daan Store is a one-stop service that provides every need for a healthy vegan lifestyle.
Yangming Spring carefully selects its ingredients. Our team highly values vegetarianism as it’s the foundation for a healthy body. Yangming Spring is firmly against the use of animals as food and takes health, career, conservation, and customs very seriously as it is our business philosophy. These values are used to actively encourage others to have respect for Heaven and Earth, to cherish resources, and to uphold the right to life. Our team promotes vegetarianism and believes people and nature can live together harmoniously while being true to themselves. Use your heart to accomplish anything you set out to do. Be respectful to others and have a positive attitude towards life. Using Yangming Spring’s platform, our goal is to promote our ideas, values, customs, beliefs, and cuisine to every corner of the world.
Yangming Spring is continuously working hard to make headway in vegetarianism . Your support is appreciated, thank you. Through Yangming Spring more people can experience the beauty of life. We hope that during this short time, we can slow down and appreciate the environment, nature, life, and art together.
Keep your life pure by respecting creatures' right to live. By living a pure life, your spirit can be as beautiful as nature. Continue to enhance life and modern society through a healthy diet.
❝Our team is committed to promoting more healthy diets, life’s aesthetics, and a new civilized diet❞


  • Yangming Spring was created.


  • Yangming Spring’s Zhongxiao Branch was established.


  • Included in Taipei City Government’s International Food Capital app.


  • Yangming Branch Store was upgraded to "Heart Five Arts Creative Park”.
  • Acquired the “Five-star Green Restaurant ''certification
    from the Taipei Department of Environmental Protection.


  • Acquired the "Creative Living Business" certification from the Industrial Development Bureau.


  • Invited by Singapore’s UOB Group to promote vegetarian cuisine
    in Singapore's affiliated hotels.
  • Published a biography(苦過的回味是甘甜/Kǔguò de huíwèi shì gāntián.)
  • Zhongxiao Branch Store established the "Jade Tea House".


  • Acquired the “Five-star Green Restaurant" certification from the Taipei Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Continued vegetarian cuisine promotions at Singapore’s UOB Group's affiliated hotels.


  • Invited to share vegetarian recipes on the Michelin website.
  • Acquired the "Creative Living Business" certification from the Industrial Development Bureau.
  • Continued vegetarian cuisine promotions at Singapore’s UOB Group's affiliated hotels.
  • Published vegetarian cookbook - Fresh Nutritious Vegetables


  • For four consecutive years, Yangming Spring has teamed up with Japan, Taiwan,
    and Singapore to produce quality vegetarian meals that are currently being promoted in Singapore.


  • E-Commerce site launched.


  • Dongmen Store opened.
  • Daan Store opened.
  • Yangming Spring (Shilin) received MICHELIN Green Stars at 《The MICHELIN Guide Taipei & Taichung 2021 》