Heart Five Arts Creative Park

Yangming Spring was established in 2007. The park covers an area of ​​5,940 square meters. The area covers the ChaunLiu Food Court, the Ruo Shui Tea House, the Art Exhibition Hall, and the Shishang Open Theater.
Just beyond the large windows lush greenery awaits to be seen in a quiet place with Japanese-style tatami floors. An old stove heated with coal warms the air, while art covers every corner. Creative cuisine with carefully  selected seasonal ingredients emerge creating harmonious flavors that enrich the beauty between nature, culture, and people.

ChaunLiu Food Court

Culinary Art

Wedding, group meeting, book a whole theater, can be flexibly adjusted according to needs.

Indoor area
Maximum capacity 120 people
Through the process of tea making and sharing with others, one can appreciate the spirit of Zen.

Ruo Shui Tea House

Tea Art
Detached space, venue rental, tea tastings, afternoon tea
Charge method
NT. 500/ per person, for same day dinging discount NT. 250
Indoor area
Maximum capacity 20 people

Restaurant next to the green lands, rich plant ecological species, the park not use any insecticides, environmentally friendly.

Shi Shang Open Theater

Natural Art
Guided tours, ecological ponds, stone sculptures, native plants, potted plants
Make appointment only and no charge.

Art Exhibition Hall

Literature Art
Artwork display, sales, guided tour, gallery rental, small musical venue rental , venue rental, exhibition contract
Indoor area
Maximum capacity 50 people
Through the stone-carved windows with elaborate images and the quaint wooden door, antique, Japanese iron and silver pots, hammered tens of thousands by an establish metalsmith, lie waiting. The fragrance of tea flows from out from their spouts creating a tranquil atmosphere where time stands still.

Souvenir Store

Japanese teapot sets, ancient art, aged tea, souvenir
In an oil mill located in the Yangming Spring greenery, fresh seeds are ground up by hand and cold pressed into virgin oil. The Yumi Oil Mill pays close attention to the production process to guarantee the quality of the oil is pure. Yumi Oil Mill prides itself on changing the ways people think and use oil.

The Yumi Oil Mill

Sales and introduction of oil products, and experience the cold-press process.
Venue rental fee, please contact the store for details

Zhongxiao Branch Store

The Zhongxiao Branch Store on the bustling Zhongxiao East Road has created a tranquil space where people can relax and relieve their stresses. They can step away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Within the atmosphere of the store, one can experience the diverse tea culture, floral art, and the Japanese garden, allowing one to appreciate and enjoy the finely selected ingredients used in the creative cuisine.
Dine, Tea tasting, Can be flexibly adjusted according to needs
Private Room
Curtain Room: 8 to 20 people Bamboo Curtain Room: 8 to 20 people