菁典套餐 1980元/人

Classic set meal 1,980 yuan/person


Includes Menghai jujube-flavored Pu'er tea, 8-course meal and seasonal desserts



[Pre-meal drink] Lemon sugarcane drink

The appetizer beverage features Taiwan's unique red sugarcane juice, complemented by locally sourced lemons from Pingtung. This combination allows guests to indulge in the most authentic dining experience of the region.



【Soup】Vegan Truffle Shark Fin Soup

Yangming Spring’s signature dish - made with black truffles and fresh matsutake imported from Italy, combined with the local special agricultural product "pumpkin", to make simulated shark's fin. It is garnished with snow swallows before eating, enriching the taste and delicious layers.



【Cold Starter】Azure Sea

Yangming Spring is committed to promote sustainable food. The chef specially responds to the concept of marine environmental protection and reducing "virtual water" and designs exquisite special appetizer.



【Appetizer】Turmeric-Infused Vegetable Parcels

Seasonal fresh vegetables paired with belimbing, lemon leaves, and Yangming Spring's special golden turmeric sauce. Prepared using the French en papillote cooking technique to preserve the natural aroma and flavors of the ingredients. A fusion of indigenous Taiwanese and Western culinary traditions.



【Main Course】Premium Monkey Head Mushroom with Cool Summer Field Delight

A signature main course - Monkey Head Mushroom, prepared for over two days and accompanied by our special live-cultured Field Delight.



【Vinegar Beverage】Healthy Floral Vinegar

A naturally fermented rose vinegar drink made from sorghum, with no alcohol content. Its smooth texture serves as the perfect interlude for the main course, setting the stage for the next dish.



【After-Course 】Italian Basil Tart

Crispy tart shell paired with oven-roasted seasonal vegetables, infused with the fragrance of basil. A delightful dish that combines a perfect balance of color, aroma, and taste.



【After-Course 2】Truffle Risotto 

The dish is characterized by the accompaniment of Italian truffles, combined with Taiwan's distinctive rice variety, "Kaohsiung 147 Fragrant Rice." Prepared using a ceramic steamer, it captures the natural flavors of the ingredients.

  • 鹽岩雪蓮杏仁露:使用昂貴食材天山雪蓮搭配南北杏。
  • 星級水果酥:無蛋、奶的全素甜品,採新鮮南瓜、大豆與海藻糖製成,口味剛好

【Desserts】Chinese Almond Soup / Vegan Fruit Pastry

  • Chinese Almond Soup: Using the precious ingredient Tianshan snow lotus, paired with both southern and northern almonds.
  • Vegan Fruit Pastry: Egg-free and dairy-free vegan dessert made with fresh pumpkin, soy, and agave syrup, offering a perfectly balanced sweetness without being overly cloying.

米其林綠星套餐 3980元/人

MICHELLIN Green Star set meal 3,980 yuan/person


Includes Menghai jujube-flavored Pu'er tea, 9-course meal and seasonal desserts



[Pre-meal drink] Night Orient Merlot Alcohol-Free Wine

Derived from German dealcoholization technology—fermentation in steel tanks after low-temperature alcohol evaporation, resulting in a well-balanced taste with low astringency and a high finish.



【Soup】 Green Star Harmony Thick Soup

Made with low-GI, high-protein edamame and natural green algae for a vibrant color palette. The dish is adorned with swirling green decorations reminiscent of jade. Finally, it is drizzled with Italian white truffle olive oil for added aroma, creating an appetizing and heartwarming experience.



【Cold Dish】 Soul of Food

Embracing the spirit of respecting nature and following a philosophy of pesticide-free and unprocessed food, this dish represents an innovative cold course.



【Appetizer】 Afternoon Memories

Inspired by the founder's childhood memories, this dish features Taiwanese-made sesame sauce paired with Taiwanese pineapple, creating a fusion of traditional culture and new flavors.



【Main Course】 Royal Premium Monkey Head Mushroom 

A 17-year star signature dish from Yangming Spring—Monkey Head Mushroom, crafted over two days and served with unique ingredients such as yam bean, fragrant jade bamboo shoots, and more. Accompanied by locally sourced purple vegetables and flat beans, drizzled with homemade cold-pressed oil, allowing you to savor the original flavors of the ingredients.



【Vinegar Beverage】 Lemon Snowflake

Made with Taiwan's 16th rice variety, golden lemons, and hand-roasted sea salt, this beverage is rich in vitamin C, providing more than four times the recommended daily intake.


法果取名自法文Foie Gras(鵝肝),由主廚特製的全素鵝肝醬,搭配新鮮現炒甜豆仁及西谷米與甜菜根製成的酥脆餅皮展現,自然新風味。

【After-Course】 Foie Gras Green Flower

Named after the French Foie Gras, this dish features a specially crafted vegan foie gras sauce by the chef. It is paired with freshly stir-fried sweet peas and crispy wafers made from freshly roasted sweet potatoes and beetroot, presenting a natural and novel flavor.


使用日本山藥搭配竹炭粉烘烤而成,雪山靈芝也稱作白靈菇是世界上唯一擁有無機鹽(真菌多醣) 以及 20%以上蛋白質含量的營養價值搭配鹽烤,展現風雅滋味。

【After-Course 2】 Snow Mountain Reishi Charcoal Roast

Made by roasting Japanese yam with bamboo charcoal powder, this dish showcases the nutritional value of Snow Mountain Reishi, the only mushroom in the world with inorganic salt (fungus polysaccharides) and over 20% protein content. The salt roasting process brings out an elegant and flavorful taste.



【After-Course 3】 Colorful Sushi

Presented in the style of Japanese sushi, this dish features Taiwanese cranberry sushi rice, paired with Taiwanese bell peppers, eggplants, and topped with freshly grated Alishan wasabi, adding a spicy and sweet flavor.



【Dessert】 Tang He Jia Japanese Wagashi Tea Ceremony Experience

‘Tea Food Experience’ featuring Tang He Jia's Japanese wagashi, accompanied by a Japanese Urasenke tea ceremony experience.